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About Educators 4 Excellence
For far too long, education policy has been created without a critical voice at the table: the voice of classroom teachers. Educators 4 Excellence (E4E), a teacher-led organization, is changing this dynamic by placing the voices of teachers at the forefront of the conversations that shape our classrooms and careers. 

E4E envisions a high-quality, prestigious teaching profession that is responsible for driving positivestudent outcomes. E4E provides teachers with opportunities to: 

  • Learn about the latest education policy news and research;

  • Network with like-minded colleagues and policymakers through panel discussions, speaker series, and 
networking events; and

  • Take Action by advocating for teacher-created policy recommendations through E4E’s teacher leadership 
training programs.


History and Impact
Founded in spring 2010 by two Bronx elementary school teachers, E4E has quickly grown into a national network of over 17,000 progressive teachers, united by the E4E Declaration of Teachers’ Principles and Beliefs. The work of E4E and E4E teachers has resulted in modifications to legislation on issues such as teacher evaluation and increased student funding, the publication of nationally significant teacher-created policy papers, and national and local media attention highlighting progressive teacher voices. 

Growth and Culture
With chapters currently operating in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, Chicago Boston and Minnesota, Educators 4 Excellence is entering an expansion phase as it seeks to provide a platform for teachers across the country to elevate their voices. Grounded in the experience of educators, E4E’s organizational culture revolves around an innovative, entrepreneurial, roll-up-your-sleeves spirit backed by a shared commitment to continuous improvement.

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